Coffee Roasting

My newest homesteading skill to learn has been roasting my own coffee. In my quest to be mostly food self-sufficient I don’t think growing coffee is going to be possible. Maybe it will be someday with a heated solarium or indoors, I don’t know, but in the meantime I can take my coffee one step closer by roasting green coffee greens at home. Who knew that roasting your own coffee is actually fun and easy! Sweet Maria’s has a great step by step instructions on how to do it, here is my small description on how I am doing it after learning from my dear friend Delena, who blogs at Cabin Organic. We order our coffee beans from Sweet Maria’s they have an amazing selection.

I start out with approximately 1/3 cup of green coffee beans in the hot air popper, after letting it heat up for a minute or so. The amount of beans you want to use depends on your popper, you want the beans to be swirling around nicely (so they don’t burn) but not too fast since you want an even roast.



I then start my stopwatch on my phone so I can see how much time the beans have been in the popper. Generally speaking the beans take about 5 1/2 to 6 minutes but it depends on the variety. The beans in this picture are Guatemalan beans and took 6 minutes.


We’re at about 3 minutes here, the beans are swirling nicely and changing colour and the husks are flying everywhere. The beans are also “cracking”, you actually hear an audible cracking sound as the beans roast, almost like popcorn popping but not more of a crack than a pop. Really neat. From here on, I am mostly just watching for the right colour. The beans do start to smoke, you’ll notice I’m roasting on my stove, this is because the popper is right under my exhaust fan since it’s winter here. In spring and summer, I will probably do this outside. The smoke doesn’t mean the coffee is burning, its just part of the roasting process.


And we’re done. Beautiful plump, shiny roasted coffee beans that smell amazing. They are in the mesh strainer to cool off, and stop smoking. Once they’re room temperature I transfer them to a glass jar with the lid ajar to allow them to off gas for 12-24 hours. They will be ready to enjoy in the morning.


Simple, fast and fun. Only 10 minutes and you have an amazing freshly roasted coffee bean to grind for your morning coffee!


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