Welcome to True North Permaculture.

In February of 2014 my husband and I purchased an overgrown, untended acreage. We have 3 acres of land and didn’t know what we wanted to do with it. We began with cleaning up a lot of the saplings and exploring different options (cows? goats? orchard? berries? U-pick?), at the time we had not even heard of permaculture.

One year later (spring of 2015) I was introduced to permaculture by an amazing lady, Margot Soltice, who soon became my mentor. I have been actively researching, learning, discovering and planning over the past year and one thing I have discovered is that there is not a wealth of information on permaculture in zone 3! You can find a lot of information from Australia (which is where permaculture originated from) and other southern locations. “Northern” permaculture seems to be considered zone 7 to zone 5, but any further north is hard to find. So I hope that as I blog about our experiences in zone 3, others living in the “True North” will be inspired to take what we learn and try it out.

So what is permaculture and why do it?  Simply put, permaculture is a system of design. To put this in my own words: with permaculture we want to create a carefully designed eco-system, if possible even a closed-loop system, where each organism or item is benefiting another, and perhaps even several others. And why do I do it?: “Strong and Free”, in other words, being resilient and Self-sustainable.

Before I start blogging specifically about our projects, I would like to say that a lot of credit for our ideas goes to others in the permaculture world who have been doing this much longer than us. These people, websites and books would also be a great start if someone else is wanting to begin permaculture, or research permaculture and doesn’t know quite where to start.

Here is my list of credits:

My mentor Margot Soltice at Barn Swallow Corner

Geoff Lawton of Australia at GeoffLawton.com

Ben Falk’s book The Resilient Farm and Homestead

Michael Philip’s book The Holistic Orchard

Shannon Hayes’ book Radical Homemaker

Brett Markham’s book The Mini Farming Bible

And for pure inspiration, I love the youtube channel Back to Reality and specifically this video: How our cross Canada trip brought us Back to Reality

I will add others as I find more amazing inspiration and information.

Enjoy your visit to my blog.

This blog is not meant to be an expert’s advice, I am not an expert and currently do not have my permaculture design certificate. This is merely a catalog of our experiences in permaculture as we apply it to our acreage.